Youth Storage Initiative Featured by The Atlantic and on WBEZ

The PFF-supported Chicago Youth Storage Initiative is currently featured on CityLab, a news website published by The Atlantic, as well as on WBEZ's The Morning Shift. CityLab features interviews with several youth in Chicago who are experiencing homelessness and details why having access to secure storage can help them stay in school, avoid violence, and find a job or housing. The Morning Shift interviews Megy Karydes, the journalist who authored the original article, and Anne Holcomb of Unity Parenty and Counseling, the site of the first lockers installed by the Chicago Youth Storage Initiative.

The Pierce Family Foundation has spearheaded the Chicago Youth Storage Initiative, providing leadership and coordination, convening a steering committee, funding and supervising a staff position, doing the fundraising to engage additional partners, designing the logo, creating the budget and workplan, arranging for the organizational 'home' for the project at Crossroads Fund, and even organizing volunteers to paint the walls at the first installation site. The Foundation is proud to have incubated this project and salutes our project partners Knight Foundation, Windy City Times, Polk Bros. Foundation, Owens Foundation, Alvin Baum Foundation, and Crossroads Fund. We're thrilled to see this important issue getting national attention!