Workshop Inspires Further Capacity Building

As a big believer in nonprofit capacity building, the foundation is thrilled when our grantees find new ways to increase their effectiveness - especially when they are inspired by one of our workshops!

The foundation offered a workshop for grantees, 20 Tips and New Toys to Enhance Operations and Protect Your Nonprofit...Without Breaking Your Budget, in the fall of 2015. The workshop featured presentations by Debbie McCann of W4Sight, Colin Gainer of Smith Amundsen, and Yvonne Afable of Afable Consulting, as they provided easy and inexpensive technology solutions and practical processes to improve organizational efficiency.

This workshop so inspired one attendee, Emily White Hodge of New Moms, that she decided to create an "operations collaborative" with other nonprofits to discuss this critical, behind-the-scenes aspect of every nonprofit's daily work.

"The workshop at Pierce was so helpful and filled with useful information," said Hodge. "I wanted to bring together other nonprofits so we could help each other continue to improve our processes."

So far, four organizations are members of the operations collaborative, and Hodges said more will be invited soon. The group's objectives are to: provide a supporting space for community-building above nonprofit operations professionals, brainstorm solutions to their challenges, and share information and resources.

Capacity Building: