Spring 2015 Grantee Workshops

The Foundation has been busy with grantee workshops in 2015, presenting topics suggested by grantees. These workshops are offered free to Foundation grantees, providing an important avenue for professional development, peer network, and increased organizational knowledge.

“Anyone know how to work the fire extinguisher?”: Improving Emergency Preparedness at Your Nonprofit. Held on June 3 and facilitated by Kris Torkelson; led by Martin Makowski, Major Gifts Officer with the American Red Cross for Chicago & Northern Illinois, and hosted by the Red Cross. The workshop provided tools, techniques, and practical processes to for nonprofit organizations to improve their ability to maintain operations during and after an emergency, crisis, or disaster.

Terminations and Lay-offs: “How Do I Handle It When...?” Held on February 18 and facilitated by Kris Torkelson; led by Julie Proscia, Partner with Smith Amundsen. Supervisors learned excellent skills to deal with all sorts of personnel issues, but among the most challenging issues are terminations and lay-offs. These are extremely difficult for employees, but can also be extremely difficult for the supervisors conducting them. At this workshop, participants reviewed real ‘case studies’—some classic challenges for supervisors, and learned humane ways of handling these touchy moments, while at the same time abiding by labor law.

Is Your Nonprofit’s Pay Scale Out of Whack? Held on March 27 and facilitated by Kris Torkelson; led by Kathy Ragner, Executive Director at Sarah's Circle. Organizations learned what they need to be competitive and attract and retain outstanding talent, reduce turnover, as well as support professionalism and meet goals. Various national and local salary surveys were distributed at the session to give leaders a concise look at comparable data in each field and in this region.


Capacity Building: