Foundation Talks IT with GEO Members

The Pierce Family Foundation values collaboration, both with nonprofits and other funders. And we value supporting the IT needs of nonprofits. These two values came together on January 6, 2016, during an open conference call discussion with members of Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO). The foundation's Chief Technologist, David Krumlauf, and Sutton Mora Hayes, Vice President of the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis co-hosted an interactive conversation among GEO members to explore common questions and share approaches that foundations may be taking to support nonprofits’ IT needs. The 36 members of GEO on the call spent more than one hour discussing topics such as, how to evaluate IT grants, hiring IT consultants, and what steps to take when an organization doesn’t know how to identify IT needs. Sutton and David also shared numerous resources with the group to consider as they look into funding this important area of nonprofit capacity.

Capacity Building: