Coaching Offered to Top Talent Alums

In 2015, and in response to Top Talent Institute alumni requests for more programming to support their learning in the program, Pierce Family Foundation offered "coaching" exclusively for alumni of Top Talent. "Coaching" is generally defined as a short- or medium-term consultation aimed at helping a leader improve work performance by gaining more personal awareness and reflecting more deeply on decisions.

After applying for the coaching, five program participants were selected and were paired with a professional "coach" for multiple sessions over a period of several months. Specific topics of discussion depended on the needs of the Top Talent alumni, but the coaching overall focused on the following important skills for nonprofit leaders:

  • Managing the stress of making tough decisions.
  • Gathering honest feedback and identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • Improving communication skills and being comfortable presenting ideas.
  • Adjusting to career growth, and considering options for future growth.
  • Time management
  • Leadership and preparing to be an Executive Director

Pierce Family Foundation is always exploring new ways to build the capacity of nonprofits and nonprofit employees. We are happy to give alumni of the Top Talent Institute another format for continued learning.

Capacity Building: