Grantee Benefits

All Foundation grantees are eligible for the Peer Skill Share program, and Grantee Workshops & Trainings.

Core Grantees only are eligible for additional support programs, which aim to help them build their operating capacity and function efficiently. This support includes, annually:

  • $2,000 for professional development 
(memberships, workshop fees, classes)

  • Access to Smith Amundsen’s Frontline legal service 
(free phone consultation on HR & other nonprofit legal concerns)

  • Technology assessment from our IT experts, and $5,000 for IT support.

  • Up to $5,000 for direct consulting from a Support Specialist.

  • Matching grants for special needs. These special, one-time grants are made infrequently, and are not likely to exceed $10,000.

  • Invitation to send mid-level and senior managers to the Top Talent Institute.

*All proposals are by invitation only. Unsolicited proposals are not accepted or acknowledged. Organizations invited to apply are chosen through recommendations made by the Foundation’s founding family, the Foundation’s professional staff, and its grantee network. If your organization is invited to apply, you will receive a link to our online application from our Co-Executive Director.

CORE GRANTEES: For professional development, support specialist, and one-time special needs requests, please contact Co-Executive Director Heather D. Parish. Technology requests should be referred to Chief Technologist David Krumlauf.